The Eastern Front Solo Expansion and Awakening the Bear! Firefight Generator have Arrived in Germany!

Solo Expansion and Firefight Generator Image With Game Components

The revolutionary Conflict of Heroes Solo Boardgame System and Awakening the Bear! Firefight Generator Expansions have arrived in Germany! These incredible Expansions will be begin shipping next week to European Pre-Orders once the container has been unpacked!

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Eastern Front Solo Expansion

Awakening the Bear! Firefight Generator

Academy Games
October 21, 2015 @ 13:06 EST

Solo Expansion Shipping Soon! It is not too late to Order!

The Conflict of Heroes Solo Boardgame System revolutionizes solo tactical play. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) utilizes a unique Emergent Behavior and Agent Based Logic system. With this system, each battlefield situation is evaluated and the AI implements the best course of action using available resources and unit assets. Even veteran CoH players will be challenged to hone and adapt their playing styles in order to overcome this resourceful high-level AI. You will experience tense and engaging solo play like never before!

Included are several stand alone missions, plus two full campaigns covering the German 1941 advance on Moscow. In the first campaign, you command elements of the 10th Panzer Division. In the second campaign, you switch sides and command elements of the Soviet 32nd Army trying to undo your gains from the first campaign!

This expansion requires at least Awakening the Bear.

Firefight Generator Expansion fully integrates with the Solo Expansion!

Firefight Generator components image

Create your own incredible Awakening the Bear Firefights. You and your opponents use strategy and cunning to manipulate the battlefield and available forces to create an engagement set to their advantage. This expansion for Awakening the Bear 2nd Edition includes everything you need to create countless Firefights, from solo Firefights that make use of Awakening the Bear - Solo Expansion to giant, multi-map, four-player battles. Fully integrates with the Solo Expansion!

To create a unique new Firefight, players alternate playing Generator Cards to choose their units, Victory Point conditions, weapons, weather conditions, and more. Players can bluff, outmaneuver, and thwart their opponents... all before the Firefight even begins! Successful commanders will make smart and strategic choices by allocating their limited resources to set themselves up for victory. This is a groundbreaking new system that is challenging and fun to play! Create a 1 - 4 player Firefight in under 10 minutes!

This Expansion requires Awakening the Bear.

Order the Solo and the Firefight Generator Expansions together now for early shipping!

Shipping Details: Pre-Order shipments have begun for USA and Canadian customers. European orders will be shipped from Germany in about 2-3 weeks, the games are en-route via ocean from Shanghai. Asian orders will be shipped from China and Australian orders will be shipped from Australia - both are in the packing process. South American orders will be shipped from the USA utilizing USPS Priority Mail. Shipping costs have been reduced in many cases, since we have formed partnerships with several local distribution centers.

Thanks for your support. I am sure that you will enjoy these incredible Conflict of Heroes expansions. Online reviews state that these systems are the best solo and firefight generators ever designed. I wish you many pleasurable hours playing these games. Enjoy!


Uwe Eickert

Academy Games

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